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Kick Ass Dirty Boogie and Garage Rock N Roll

reeking of old smokey bars and sweat drenched floors.

                                                        SHAKE 'EM UP!!!

A true force to be reckoned with live and what the term 'Power Trio' was meant to represent.

THE ELECTRIC SHAKES - If the MC5 had a baby, raised it on Bon Scott's AC/DC and some downtuned Heavy Boogie, and let it run feral looking for a party.

The Electric Shakes – 2019 EP Review:

 Why not treat yourself to some of the digital records you know, flac or mp3.

so it’s not something you can put in a jukebox but these four tracks sure do rock and fuckin’ roll.

From the garage fuzz of the catchy ‘Phoney High’ Electric Shakes have got it going on.

  this Bournemouth three-piece make a wonderful noise and a cautionary tale about cheap narcotics.

‘Rye And Dry’ ups the tempo with some lovely Poison Ivy stylings on that six-string whilst the rhythm section holds down the backbeat to the chorus that’s like a rush of adrenaline. Cool stuff. Probably my pick of the four tracks on offer would be the spikey ‘Hound Dog’ with its distorted riff-a-rama that takes you to the holin’ chorus.  Oh wait don’t jump the gun because they saved the best till last as ‘Trash’ is one angry motherfucker as it rallies against the modern world and the disdain poured onto the people at the bottom of the ladder and the homeless or those who just struggle.  Good on you Electric Shakes this is a band we like and will support, a band with a moral compass and a bunch of top tunes to boot give them a shout folks and get behind them they rock.

Phoney Highs/Hound Dog review from RPM Online:

This South Coast three-piece have brought the volume. 

Always finish on a high they say so what better way to round up this 45 rpm jaunt.

  Are you sure there’s only three of em?  Sounds like a battalion of riff-a-rama throwing shapes and

rockin’ the fuck out.  ‘Phoney Highs’ is no-nonsense rock and roll played through some sturdy amps and harnessing (just) extreme volume for the sake of playing dirty Rock and Roll. 

Call it Garage Rock or Action Rock with a touch of ’70s hard rock thrown in with the odd bullet belt (please tell me these boys wear bullet belts?) If they don’t they should. 

The second track is the cowbell thumping riff n roll ‘Hound Dog’ and its barking at the moon stuff. 

What a fine pair of tunes and if you love Rock and Roll like we do here at RPM HQ then this is totally up your alley.  Strutting like a rock and roll peacock this is excellent and the way to close the door on this months round-up and get this party started.  Lets Rock!

Classic Rock Magazine issue 242- Album review - 8/10

"This three piece from Dorset rustle up a fuzzy, hairy, sweaty racket redolent of an age

when you could still get electrocuted by your amplifier.

There's a satisfyingly organic Garage rumble to a sound that just keeps on gut-punching"

A few choice words from Uber Rock's Mark Ashby's review of Electrohypnosis:

"There’s also plenty of big ass, dirty guitars as well. You could grow several fields of spuds under the riff on ‘In The Blood’, which pumps and grooves with a filthy, restrained fury that threatens to explode all over your face like an amateur prostitute, but just holds itself back and bounces your head off the wall instead with its infectious vibe. When you review an album, it usually gets three or four listens and then put on a shelf somewhere, never to be heard again… ‘Electrohypnosis’ hasn’t been out of the multi-changer on my living room deck for at least six weeks now. It’s that fucking good… I shit you not! Go on, put some dancing music back into your lives and get a dose of those goddamn Electric Shakes… you’ll be bopping from now to Christmas!"

Full review HERE 

Vive Le Rock's Alison Bateman Issue 47 - Album Review.

"Plugging into the gritty Garage - Blues charge led by the likes of the MC5,

Jon Spencer and Black Moses, Bournemouth's Electric Shakes deliver juddering

stoner riffs, surges of high voltage punk energy and psychedelic grooves,

sweeping you up in a frenzied, sweaty Garage - Punk cyclone and leaving dust in it's wake"

Classic Rock Magazine Issue 239: Covermount C.D - Track: SHOT ME DOWN

"Brit Fuzzbusters The Electric Shakes don't give a shit about anything except rewiring

your dumb brain with broad strokes of searing rock riffs, and any pointless frills are left

in a cloud of dust as they roll on, stoned, freaked and absolutely free"

Heavy Planet: Album Review 2017:

Europe gives us a TON of great underground rock bands that run the gamut of styles we lump into stoner/doom/psychedelic/desert/retro/blues rock (even the genre lump is sizeable), and the UK is no exception. The trio The Electric Shakes, out of Bournemouth, are another of an impressive group of UK fuzz monsters.
Most trios are set up as one member doing double duty as the vocalist in addition to playing an instrument, but one impressive aspect of The Electric Shakes, in addition to their awesome fucking moniker, is that each brandisher of a musical apparatus performs vocal duties as well. The more vocals the better, whether it's a sharing of song leads, furnishing backup service, or in harmony, and these guys sweep all obligations.
The music they make is infectious, rawking, and fun. It's heavy on the riff and quick on the tempo. The drums are virulent and catchy, engaging head and hips in a dance of infectious rhythm. Monstrous basswork bolsters the heaviness of tracks that otherwise rocket and zoom in gravity defying exhilaration. The guitar brings all the highlights expected of excellence and quality, with a colossal fuzz enclosure punctuated by searing, soaring solos. The songs themselves are melodic masterpieces of amalgamated rock standards with traits of punk, stoner, garage, blues, and 70s era rock. The Electric Shakes' approach to music is a brilliant combination of those great rock sounds of past and present without any direct reflection of one legend over another, which allows them to forge something exciting and new and wholly their own.

Ross Ferrone: Live Review May 2017 Cellar Bar:

A quick turnaround sees The Electric Shakes set up their expansive amount of kit, before launching into opener “Test of Time”. I have to admit that last time I reviewed the band I felt they might need to change their style a little. And so tonight; we see a meaner, leaner Shakes displaying less “Garage” with more emphasis on the guitars. As Shakes songs go “Test of Time” is slower than most of their output and the perfect opener. However, they slowly build the momentum as the set just grows and grows. I’ve always described the band as being “Dirty RnR” so “Dirty” as a working title for their 2nd song seems somewhat apt! A brief trawl into their past sees a storming “Lightspeed Mother” take the tempo up somewhat before they delve into the bulk of new material recently recorded at a session to be included on their next album

“The 157” is the first of these songs and doesn’t disappoint. Again I must emphasize how the band have grown and somehow re-interpreted their sound. It’s somewhat cleaner and tighter all round. Eric’s bass still throbs throughout and “Basha” (drums) is as tight as ever, but it’s the overall sound that just exudes power. Where these song titles come from is anyone’s guess but one thing is prominent – the whole band appear more powerful and confident. “Rats” precedes the excellent and again apt “Keep It Wild”. The anthemic “Shot Me Down” is the set highlight – fast and anthemic in equal measure and they simply get faster and heavier. Two more numbers “Magpie” and “Blue Meanie” close the set and any lingering doubts that I might have had that these guys couldn’t step up quickly evaporate.

After the success of their debut (mini) album and the quite excellent “Stereotypical Girls” E.P. the future looks bright. With just the mixing and mastering to be completed on the new LP the release date canít be far away. The Electric Shakes haven’t sat on the laurels and waited for things to happen. They have spent the last 6 months honing a wider sound, and on tonight’s evidence it has been time well spent.


Vive Le Rock Magazine: 2015

Bournemouth power trio The Electric Shakes accelerate into view

with a debut set that manages to spread considerable variety across it's six tracks.

Appropriately titled opener 'Go' lays down a broad précis of what to expect;

twisting and stomping at the heavier end of the garage rock spectrum, it swaggers

with gritty glam confidence that is supported by an accomplished delivery.

'Get Loose' and 'Lightspeed Mother' indicate effective tendencies

toward full-throttle bangers, with the former being reminiscent of early Saints,

while the latter searches and destroys like post -reformation Stooges.

The Shakes are at their most kinetic when combining their influences in alchemic ways.

This is exemplified by standout track Daddy's Girl' an unholy fusion of rock, garage

and psychedelia that benefits from some adept harmonies and convincing vocals.

It provides a whopping great signpost to where the group's strength's a located.


Rock Regeneration:

The Electric Shakes from Bournemouth are causing quite a stir around these parts right now. They have a new, self-titled 6 track L.P. and we at RR have the pleasure of reviewing it. It opens with the now customary live opener “Go”. It’s a ballsy; loud, yet confident opener. A great guitar intro is coupled with clear, audible vocals and the now trademark “1,2,3,4”! Strong drums permeate the whole song, as do the chords.

“Get Loose” is an altogether faster song with their familiar “dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll” sound coming through. The Punkier fuzz-guitar intro is complimented by some frenetic hitting. There’s hints (to me) of The Subways (musically), until the vocals kick in and they make it truly their own. The style of the song “invites us” to “Get Loose”, literally-it’s a real stomper of a song and the guitars take centre stage throughout. ‘Get On Love’ has hints of Wolfmother and is another great musical slab. It’s a love song (of sorts-well I think so, make your own mind up! The noodling in the middle 8 doesn’t detract from it being yet another classic. I love the ending, I imagine this to be a great way to end a live show.

The highlight of this collection has to be “Daddy’s Girl”. There’s hints of The Clash and personal lyrics aplenty, with some great chord changes as well as strong drums; although it’s a tad overlong for this reviewer. The way this collection just morphs from one song into another works a treat. “Lightspeed Mother” stays with the format and those fuzzy guitars once again take centre stage. Gutsy vocals sung with real feeling and a singalong chorus make this another stormer. There’s some stretched chords in the middle which keep us entertained-in fact there’s nothing to dislike here! “Test of Time” slows everything right down and proves that the band are more than just a noisy, energetic 3 piece. Softer vocals paired with 70’s Rock chords and a song that just keeps on giving. If Kasabian had written “Test of Time” they’d be lauded from all and sundry. With regular shows to look forward to I’d say The Electric Shakes are definitely “ones to watch”.

If this EP is anything to go by though then the futures bright as I imagine there’s plenty more in the tank. If you have £5 spare you could do a lot worse than invest it in this LP. Better still, go and see them in a small venue while you still can-these guys are only gonna get bigger!


Terb Sage Nov. 2014

Borne of Bournemouth, this debut recording finds the Shakes setting out their stall from the get go with the appropriately titled, ‘Go’. A petrol guzzling opener it neatly sets the warm fuzzy tone for what’s in store over the next five tracks. It’s clear that this accomplished 3 piece get their kicks from all things rock n’ roll however there is a shrewd Mod-revival undercurrent running throughout which is keenly examined on 'Daddies Girl', a rather touching tribute to the joys of parenthood. The highlight on this collection is 'Lightspeed Mother', a rakishly groovy number which wouldn’t seem out of place on a late 70s AC/DC LP. Its irresistible riff is sure to wheedle its way into the brain for weeks to come. Over all this mini-album (recorded at the renowned Gizzard Studio in London) is confident and hugely satisfying for those with a predilection for the wild side.


Sharing a mutual respect for hard working, unpretentious, music from the soul. 
All 3 members have clocked up an approximate total of 1,000,000,000 hours worth of playing music in some way shape or form.

Done all the things you're meant to and not meant to do.

Got signed, Mimed. Toured. Got bored. Lived. Loved. Laughed. Grafted. Got shafted. Made sweet sweet music.

Used it. Abused it, and had a bloody laugh doing it.

As we still are.


Bands/Artists we've played alongside in no particular order include...

The Hip Priests, Stiff Little Fingers, Deathtraps, Airbourne, Henry Herbert & The Fury, 999, The Curse, Gorilla, Grifter, Disgraceland, The Drippers, Flash House, Blue Carpet Band, The Jackets, The Monsters, Elephant Tree, Dirt A Go Go, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, , Electric River, Witchdoktors, Palooka 5, Rage DC, Mountain Feet, Eldorado,

Electric Eel Shock, The Ligaments, The Surfin Birds, Clams, The DeRellas, Anti Nowhere League, Menace,

Sex Pissed Dolls, Long Tall Texans, The Monsters,

The Picturebooks, The Sporadics, C30's, Meat Sweats, Snail Chasers, The Neighbourhood Strange,


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