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Kick Ass Dirty Boogie and Garage Rock N Roll

Bred and fed out of Dorset.

Reeking of old smokey bars and sweat drenched floors.

A true force to be reckoned with live and what the term 'Power Trio' was meant to represent.

THE ELECTRIC SHAKES - If the MC5 had a baby, raised it on Bon Scott's AC/DC and some downtuned Heavy Boogie, and let it run feral looking for a party.



Born in 2015, after a slogging it away for years with various other bands

in and around the U.K and beyond,

The Electric Shakes burst onto the scene with all guns blazing and a

mission to stamp out boring, pretentious saturated rock music and

breath some old school high voltage energy back into what seemed

to be a dying genre.

Sharing a mutual respect for hard working, primal music from the soul. 
All 3 members have clocked up an approximate of a 1,000,000,000 hours

worth of playing music in some way shape or form.

Done all the things you're meant to and not meant to do.

Got signed, mimed. Toured. Got bored. Lived. Loved. Laughed.

Grafted. Got shafted. Made sweet sweet music.

Used it. Abused it, and had a bloody laugh doing it.

Steve, and Eric have all toured in various bands and been

signed to various small independent labels and been on numerous releases.

The band have played up and down the U.K and across the pond

at various venues and festivals including O2 Academy - Bournemouth

supporting Stiff Little Fingers.

Dublin Castle, The Black Heart, Hope & Anchor, Fighting Cocks in London

and the Pyramid Centre, Southsea supporting Aussie headbangers Airbourne just to name a few.

They have also appeared numerous times in Classic Rock magazine

where their track 'Shot Me Down' was featured on the cover mount CD

and also receiving an 8/10 for their debut album 'Electrohypnosis'

They have also been featured in Vive Le Rock magazine where their self titled E.P

was given rave reviews and a track of the month feature

plus another 8/10 score for their '2019' E.P.

Add to this a healthy amount of online reviews from the likes of RPM online and Uber Rock. 

The Electric Shakes 10.jpg


The Electric Shakes 09.jpg


Classic Rock Magazine issue 242- Album review - 8/10

"This three piece from Dorset rustle up a fuzzy, hairy,

sweaty racket redolent of an age

when you could still get electrocuted by your amplifier.

There's a satisfyingly organic Garage rumble

to a sound that just keeps on gut-punching"



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Vive Le Rock's Alison Bateman Issue 47 - Album Review.

"Plugging into the gritty Garage - Blues charge led by the likes of the MC5,

Jon Spencer and Black Moses, Bournemouth's Electric Shakes deliver juddering

stoner riffs, surges of high voltage punk energy and psychedelic grooves,

sweeping you up in a frenzied, sweaty Garage - Punk cyclone and leaving dust in it's wake"

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